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Free Fax to Email South Africa

Free Fax to Email South Africa is one of the leading Fax 2 Email companies in this particular market of communication. Since 2006, its state of the art platform has enabled it to be recognised as a trusted and secure provider of this type of service.

Immediately and without the need for any pre-installed hardware or software; this service provides you with a Free Fax to Email facility. An added advantage is the benefit of also having communications with our Email to Fax facility.

In these highly competitive and economy restricted times, every individual or business, is seeking new and innovative methods to become more cost effective. Free Fax to Email offers you the opportunity, of not only expanding your communication facilities with the help of a user friendly and reliable system, but also at no cost to receive a fax!

About Free Fax to Email SA

Free Fax to Email has been in the market since 2006, and has become one of the top Free Fax to Email companies in South Africa thanks to its state of the art platform, Free Fax to Email SA has managed to identify it self as a leader in the Free Fax to email Market.

Free Fax to Email is the most Secure and trusted web-based Fax to Email and email to fax solution. You do not require any hardware or software to receive a fax, and the best thing of all its FREE, and can be setup INSTANTLY. In a matter of minutes you will be receiving faxes at your pc FAST, EASY,RELIABLE and at no cost.

Our service offers both SENDING & RECEIVING of faxes. Receive faxes from anywhere in the world FREE of charge. Send Faxes anywhere, instant gratification.

Free Fax to Email SA is the simplest and easiest faxing solution and the most reliable, cost-effective Inbound and Outbound fax solution available in the market today. Free Fax to Emails sole purpose is provide a fast, and efficient inbound and outbound faxing solution in South Africa, to save you time and money.

Fax to Email is a cost effective method of receiving faxes to your email address. After signing up for a fax number, you are given a username, password and fax number, this fax number is used to receive all faxes on. After sending the fax to the fax number, the fax number is sent your email address as an attachment in a file format you specify. This means that as that you can receive faxes anywhere in the world, even on certain cellphones/pda's/smart phones. A great advantage of Free Fax to Email is that it saves costs on paper and toner/ink that is used by the normal standard fax machine.With Free Fax to Email SA you now only have to print the faxes that you want, no more wasting money on paper and toner on junk faxes coming through, you are in control.

The Fax to Email market is one of the fastest growing markets, many new businesses and companies have already switched to Fax to Email services. Old Fax machines are now a thing of the past. Our software works on any Desktop PC/Laptop, there is no hidden costs involved in our services, the only cost involved is the cost of buying FaxOut credits which are used when you need to send a Fax via email or our Fax to Email print driver.

Advantages of Free Fax to Email:

  • No More Junk Faxes
  • Receive Unlimited incoming faxes to your email address
  • Link multiple email addresses to one fax number
  • Receive faxes by email totally FREE of charge
  • Send faxes by email using our FaxOut software
  • Signup is Instant, you will receive your very own fax number within minutes.
  • Our services only require a computer, email address and an internet connection
  • Faxes are delivered at the highest speed
  • High Speed Color Faxing
  • Faxes are stored online for 5 years
No matter who you, either an individual or a company, Fax to e-mail is the solution for you. Whether you have a small business or would like to receive your faxes on your personal email account, fax to email is the most efficient and secure solution for you.

To activate your Fax to Email or Get a Fax to Email Number all you need to do is enter in the email address you would like to be linked to your fax number, and after confirming your email address via an invite email sent to your email address, you will receive your fax number in a welcome email. After receiving your Fax number this means your fax number is active and is ready to receive faxes. You now have a FREE fax to email number, no hidden costs involved what so ever.

EFficient and Effective Free Fax to Email Service

This is a highly efficient and effective service that enables you to send and receive faxes from and to any part of the world. To start receiving these benefits is simple. Once you have registered for a fax number, you then receive your username and password. You are now able to enjoy and benefit from receiving faxes at your email address and save money at the same time.

By using Free Fax to Email, you not only gain from a cost free service, but also by saving money on the cost of paper toner or ink. There is also another advantage, which is that you have total control of rejecting the junk faxes that are time consuming and add to your costs.

Our Free Fax to Email service is designed to be user-friendly. Any faxes that are faxed to your allocated fax number will then automatically be forwarded to your email address as an attachment in the format chosen by you. Once you have determined their value, they then can be printed. This service gives you the convenience of receiving instant and important faxes from anywhere in the world; even from some smart-phones or mobile phones, with the best news being that it's FREE!

Why you need free fax to email?

  • Free Fax to Email is absolutely FREE TO RECEIVE FAXES, no hidden costs, no monthly subscriptions… totally FREE.
  • Faxes can be received and sent from anywhere in the world.
  • You can register as many free individual fax numbers as you need.
  • The ability to electronically archive faxes for up to 5 years.
  • All faxes are kept confidential, and are delivered to intended recipient
  • Instant receiving and sending of faxes
  • There is no need for additional software required to receive faxes.
  • Fax number can be issued in less than 1 minute.
  • Faxes are delivered directly to your email inbox
  • Saves you money as you no longer need a dedicated receiving fax line any more.
  • Save costs on ink and toner, only print the faxes you need.
  • You can activate multiple fax numbers in a specific number range, this is great for the corporate environment should you
  • need similar numbers for all your employees.

How to receive a fax WITH FREE FAX TO EMAIL

Once you signup with Free Fax to Email SA, you will receive a confirmation email that will ask you to verify your email address. Accept the email which will then activate your account. Once you have a fax number registered with Free Fax to Email SA, all faxes sent to your fax number will appear in your inbox as emails, either in PDF or TIFF file format.

All you have to do is inform your contacts of your new Free Fax to email number. As we have sad before Free Fax to Email is absolutely Free to receive a Fax, no hidden costs, no monthly subscriptions… totally FREE.

Step by Step – How to Receive a Fax on your PC

1 In order to receive a fax to your PC, you must already have a working email address.
2 You will then need to sign up for a fax number. Signup Here
3 Once you have signed up, you will receive an confirmation email at your email address
4 Accept the confirmation email, by clicking on accept, or copying and pasting the link into the internet browser bar.
5 After accepting the confirmation email, you should receive an email back confirming your fax number and login details.(Please keep this email safe)
6 Your account is now active, and you may start giving people your new fax number.
7 When a person sends a fax to your free fax to email number you will receive the fax at your email address, as an attachment to the email. (Attachments can either be sent in PDF or TIFF file format)
8 All you then need to do it open the attachment to view the fax that was sent to you.

IMPORTANT: Remember you may receive unlimited faxes to your email address. Also you will need to receive atleast 1 fax every 90 days to keep your account active and open.

How to send a fax WITH FREE FAX TO EMAIL

To be able to send a faxes from your email account or computer, all you need is to purchase FaxOut credits. You can puchase/top-up your credits by logging into your account and clicking the "buy credits" option, on the left-hand-side menu.

How do FaxOut Credits work?
As we have stated previously, this service is totally free to receive a fax. There is no monthly fees, or registration costs. The only cost involved with our service, is the cost to send a fax from your pc. In order to do this you would need to purchase credits from us.

NOTE: There is a minimum amount of R100.00 worth of credits you can purchase. These Credits work very similar to prepaid airtime in your cellphone. Once you have purchased the credits from us, you will be able to start sending faxes, each fax you send will have a cost associated with depending on where the fax is being sent to (See FaxOut Rates Here), that cost will then be deducted from your credits you purchased. When you run out of credits, you can simply login to your account and purchase more credits.

Getting started to Send a Fax from your PC
Once you have credits there are 2 methods that you can use to begin sending faxes from your PC. The Email to Fax method, is the simpler of the 2 methods and does not require any software to be downloaded.
Find out here how to buy FaxOut Credits

Sending a Fax via Email to Fax

  • Compose a new email and enter the recipient's unique 10 digit fax number in the "to" field, followed by "" e.g.
  • For your own reference and easy archiving, choose a subject for your fax
  • The body of your email acts as the cover sheet of your fax. If you do not enter text into the body, a cover sheet will not be sent
  • Attach any documents you wish to send and click "send". It will be received by the recipient in the form of a fax.
The New Free Fax to Email Fax Printer
The Free Fax to Email Fax Printer can be downloaded directly from our website. Once installed, the Fax Printer allows you to convert documents to faxes using any software that has printing capabilities. You are now able to preview all faxes before sending them, and if using MS Outlook to manage your contacts, you will be able to synchronise your contact list with the Fax Printer Contact Manager.
Download the Fax Printer here (Windows 32 and 64 bit versions)
Purchase FaxOut Credits here

How to Use the Free Fax to Email Fax Printer

  • Open the document to be printed to fax
  • Select the option of printing the document using "print-to-fax"
  • In the Printer Wizard, choose the fax numbers of your intended recipients
  • If you choose, you can select the option to include a cover page for your fax
  • You are now free to preview the fax before sending it off
  • Enter your account details and click on "finish"


  • Either Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP
  • You will need to have FaxOut credits in your account. Credits can be purchased directly from our website
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Benefits of Free Fax to Email

  • Receive all faxes in your personal email account
  • The ability to electronically archive faxes for up to 5 years
  • Increased privacy
  • Improved productivity
  • High speed delivery
  • No Limits on volume
  • Name and recall your faxes
  • Delete "junk" or unwanted faxes without wasting paper or toner
  • Forwarding of received faxes
  • No engaged lines for clients faxing in
  • No more lost faxes
  • No more queuing at the fax machine
  • No paper jams

FREE FAX TO EMAIL Testimonials

Free Fax to Email Testimonial
A few months back a friend of mine sent me an email to apply for a fax number on Free Fax to Email SA. I did that and I've been using it for the last 3 to 4 months. I must say its been wonderful, its easy to join in and its convenient. I also sent the email to most of my colleagues and we are all using it. Thank you very much Free Fax to Email SA for this.

Free Fax to Email Testimonial
Free Fax to Email SA is a must have for everyone. Not only is it convenient to receive faxes electronically, but the reporting tools are also valuable. Finally being able to download and resend faxes give you the comfort of having backups for your faxes in place. I highly recommend Free Fax to Email SA. Keep up this excellent service!

Free Fax to Email Testimonial
I have been using Free Fax to Email SA for a few years now and find it extremely convenient. No more trying to read bits of paper and searching for misplaced faxes. It is also an advantage to be able to save the faxes and forward them so easily. I love knowing I can keep the same fax number as long as I like. The monthly reports are also very useful.

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